Distribution Center of Automobile Products in China

Shanda International Automobile supplies market is a famous automobile products wholesale market in China. It is located in Yongfu Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. It covers an area of 12000 square meters and has a total investment of 130 million yuan. It has been open for 14 years. According to Li Boyan, general manager of the market, Shanda is in an important position within 3.8 square kilometers of Yongfu Road business circle in Guangzhou The establishment of Shanda market has added a golden lock to the title of “China’s automobile products distribution center”. Now Yongfu Road is quite different from the automobile products professional parks in other parts of the country. Businesses gather together, just like the headquarters of electronic enterprises will always be in Guangzhou, such as Haidi white light, Lingxiang automobile electronics, Liancheng electronics, Xiaofei general, Diguang, Shelley Famous enterprises, such as special, Saimin electronics, Fukushima optoelectronics, Gehua video, Jinsheng audio, Tianyu, Dongyu, Tianrui, Chuangda, Kalai, Weiyuan and yichenglong, are well-known enterprises. They firmly believe in exporting, and new products will always go out from here!

Shanda International

With Yongfu Road as the center, it radiates the automobile supplies market along Hengfu Road, and is the largest automobile supplies distribution center in China. 70% to 80% of China’s auto supplies are supplied by manufacturers to Yongfu Road, and then distributed to all parts of the country by Yongfu Road. Due to the intensive effect, Yongfu Road has also attracted the attention of buyers all over the world, and its products are exported to the world. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 4000 auto supply companies in Yongfu business district, among which the number of companies and individual businesses is about 6:4. Among the automobile products enterprises, only foreign trade accounts for 27%, domestic trade accounts for 33%, and domestic trade accounts for 40%. Of course, most of them are wholesale businesses, with less than 3% of the total retail outlets. Among all the existing outlets, 53% belong to the form of “front shop and back factory”. This proportion is not available in any province.

In Yongfu Road Business District, the business division of auto parts and supplies has been a pattern formed several years ago. It is said that Yongfu Road is the ancestor of relatively separate operation of auto parts and supplies. Therefore, Yongfu Road is the “pacesetter” in the automobile after-sales market. At that time, most of the merchants acted as agents for foreign brands. With the continuous development of China’s economy, the industry market has become increasingly mature. Since 2006, many businesses have started to invest in the Pearl River Delta, and more and more domestic brands have been established. As the intensive benefits of the professional Street have been enlarged, manufacturers from other places in China have also opened archives and offices in Yongfu Road. In this way, the business pattern of “front shop and back factory” of Yongfu Road has been formally formed. A national linkage of automobile supplies business circle has become the “barometer” of domestic automobile supplies market.

“Looking for auto supplies, go to Yongfu Road.”. Yongfu Road is now the synonym of Guangzhou auto products market, Yongfu Road has gradually the meaning of Yongfu business circle. Shopping malls line up, open mind, welcome buyers from all over the world to come to purchase. In the various shopping malls operating auto supplies, due to the different positioning of the operators in the process of investment promotion, they show their own characteristics. Shanda international is a mall that operates 25% of the total auto audio and video, auto lighting(Amber led lights), decoration and high-quality products, while the southern Yongfu international is clearly positioned as the Auto Electronics City, and most of the businesses settled in are engaged in video and audio electronic products

Car installation flash lamp, flash lamp basic knowledge introduction

Introduction: automobile installation flash lamp, basic knowledge introduction of flash lamp

Many friends should have seen the flashing lights on police cars, that is, flash lights. Do you know about flash lights? Can you install your own car? Next, we will follow the small make-up to understand the car installation flash lamp, flash lamp basic knowledge introduction.

Automobile installation flash lamp, basic knowledge introduction of flash lamp

Flash lamp, also known as flash lamp or strobe light, is the use of electronic means (such as the use of capacitor microcontroller programming IC, etc.), so that the light source slow or fast flashing, play a warning role. There are various shapes of flash lamps, including fog lamp type design, which can be used instead of automobile fog lights; there are embedded installation, perforated installation in the car’s headlight, fog lamp, tail lamp; there are glass sucker type flash lamps installed in the windshield; there are ceiling mounted flash lamps that rely on magnet adsorption on the roof; some are installed on the middle net or bumper of the car, which are called “flash lamps” For China open flash lamp, bar lamp; the product has good decorative effect and strong alarm performance.

Car installation flash lamp, flash lamp basic knowledge introduction – special use

Police lights and Amber led lights have been used in police or special vehicles before, and rarely used in civil use. This kind of police flash lamp belongs to controlled items. It is widely used in entertainment, road traffic, advertising lighting, vehicles, ships, public security and other fields. Installation of Amber led lights is permitted by the national traffic law

Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights Safe Choice

Car Strobe Lights Safer Driving At Night
Drivers and friends drive at night and are worried about being rear-ended by the car behind them. After all, the driving recorder at night is unclear and it is difficult to deal with something. The driver’s inertial reaction is to decelerate when the high beam light in front of the car shines. At this time, the rear vehicle is closely followed without reacting and it is easy to rear-end. Severe weather such as smog, dust, rain and snow frequently occurs, and the restricted view is prone to accidents. Can be modified to a rear-end car light. The incidence of rear-end collisions has been on the rise in recent years, which really worried car owners. Therefore, this has also promoted the popularity of anti-collision products to a certain extent. After all, there is only one life, and protection is very important. Driving is not a joke, safety is the most important thing, especially when driving at night with poor sight, it is easy to have a rear-end accident, and smart people will install a strobe light in the car.