Amber LED car flash Warning Lights Vehicle Police LED Flashing Beacon Strobe Emergency Lamp with Magnetic Mounted 12V~24V




1. Input Voltage: DC12V~24V
2. Size: 30.5cm(L)*16cm(W)*7cm(H)
3. Cable length: 300cm
4. Socket: cigar lighter device of any car.
5. Bottom with two big round magnet holder, can be safely used on car roof. No scrape car paint.
6. Usage:Police,fire engine,ambulance,street sprinkler,truck
7. Perfect for use in Fog,Rainy,Snowy,Dust for Emergency Situations.

Flash Modes
9 different Flash Modes with a push of a button

Mode 1:Keep on all the LEDs
Mode 2:Turn off the all LEDs
Mode 3:Strobes between Left panels and right panels
Mode 4: Strobes between front+Left panels and rear+right panels
Mode 5: Flashes clockwise
Mode 6: Flashes counter clockwise
Mode 7:Strobes all LED then Strobes Left panel and right panels ,then repeat
Mode 8:Strobes all LED rapid
Mode 9:Strobes all LED leisurely


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